Mysthaven (the setting for the project I'm working on) is an island off the coast of North Carolina hidden by magic. On the island is the only working portal to the Otherworld (land of the fae and land of the dead) on the East Coast.


  There was once a portal at Salem, Mass. and another in New Orleans, LA but both have been closed due to the activity of Reggies (regular people). There are too many tourists in those areas and the risk of discovery is too great. 


  Every Samhain (halloween) witches from all over the East Coast descend on the island of Mysthaven to visit with dead friends and relatives who can cross the portal on that one night. 


  Because the island is hidden from the sight of Reggies, it's a haven for witches and other supernatural races. Magic is practiced in the open and it's a fantastical place to visit.


  On the surface, everything is beautiful and magical but there is a battle brewing in the shadows. Four-Hundred years ago a powerful, blood-drinking, shaman was locked inside a magical prison and placed in the Otherworld. As the spell holding him weakens, his prison is pushed back toward the portal. His prison is close enough now that he has begun to influence some people in their dreams. As the spell weakens he is in danger of getting free altogether. Some people want to hurry his release. Others want to stop it. But both groups are determined to do whatever it takes or use whoever they have to for their own purposes.     

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