The books in this series are "You pick what happens" stories. The choices you make determine your adventure. The first book, Save The Fair Maiden, began as a quest in a virtual world named Some friends convinced me to expand it and submit it to a local community college writing contest where it won and was subsequently published. 

Save The Fair Maiden


published December 2009

You begin this adventure by answering a call that went out from the king of the land. His beautiful daughter has been kidnapped from inside the castle and the king is offering a reward for her safe return. All of the "would be adventurers" are gathering outside the castle for the king's blessing. Do you have what it takes to "Save the Fair Maiden?"

Vash's Revenge


published August 2010

Princess Emma was saved by a brave hero in "Save the Fair Maiden" but the evil knight, Sir Vash, has not given up. He has a new plan to take over the kingdom. Do you have what it takes to stop him? 

Battle For The Kingdom


published January 2012

King Michael has died and the kingdom is divided. Both of his children, Princess Emma and Prince Vash, have put themselves forward as heir to the throne. There's talk of war with the neighboring Kingdom of Tyre. Some people feel Prince Vash would be better suited to rule in time of war. Others want Princess Emma as their new ruler. Can the kingdom pull together before they're invaded or will the kingdom fall to the Tyrians? Who will YOU choose to be your next ruler?

This book was illustrated by a young artist, Brittany Aviles, who was only 16 years old at the time.