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You Are My Soulmate

published in Mythology of the Heart (poetry collection) in 2002

I feel as if we have loved before
In some other time and some other place
We share a connection deeper than most
I know your feelings, the fears you face

I see you before me, my head starts to spin
My palms get sweaty, my heart starts to pound
Your eyes see thru me, my thoughts you expose
You speak to my heart never making a sound

We share a passion time can not dim
With my every breath, I long for your touch
I love you more with each passing day
With all my heart, I need you so much

Maybe we have loved many times in the past
For eternity our hearts will always meet
The love we share is too strong to end
You ARE my soulmate, you make me complete

Copyright © 2002 by Kimber Krochmal

I Won't Go Quietly

published in Forever Spoken (poetry collection) in 2007

I won’t stay silent
You can’t hold me down
Lock me up, shut off my voice
I scream out against injustice

You tell me be quiet
Mind my own business
I can’t, I won’t turn away
As so many others before me

You say it won’t matter
My screams can’t change
All these years of oppression
It will only make me a victim too

I say you’re wrong
How else can things change
Unless someone, somewhere
Has the guts to try and change them

Copyright © 2007 by Kimber Krochmal


What If You Had To Choose

published in the Winter 2011 issue of Golden Visions Magazine of Science Fiction and Fantasy

3rd place winner in their writing contest "What if-- The Earth Were Frozen"

This short story is about a teenage boy whose hippy parents predict and prepare for a new iceage. The family discovers another family who isn't prepared and take a vote whether to take them in or not. The deciding vote comes down to the boy.  

Santa's Missing Bag (Ages 8-10)

published in the December 2010 issue of StoryTeller Tymes Mgazine

This short story is about a kid who sets out to solve the mystery of Santa's missing bag. 


I've had a poem and an article published on Super Teacher Worksheets, an educational site full of teacher resources. 

What To Feed A Dragon

(3rd grade poem)

What to Feed a Dragon is a poem for 3rd graders about a child who gets a pet dragon but can't figure out what to feed it.

Click below to see the poem on Super Teacher Worksheets.

Trick or Treat

(Reading Comprehension article)

Trick or Treat is a halloween themed Reading Comprehension article about where the tradition of Trick or Treat comes from.

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