I write for Children and Young Adults (mostly fantasy and paranormal), dabble in many kinds of art, try to keep up with my kids and grandkids, struggle with two auto-immune diseases, and try to find the time and energy to look for fun and inspiration in the world.
You will find more happiness growing down than up.  ~Author Unknown
Writer, artist, mom, grandma, and kid at heart.


  My name is Kimber Krochmal but since Krochmal is a hard name to spell I realized I needed to write under a different name if I ever wanted anyone to find me. I decided on "Kimber Dream" for a couple of reasons.


  "Dream, Imagine. Create, Inspire" has become a kind of mantra for me. It applies not only to my writing and art but my passion for social justice as well.


  It's also my granddaughter's middle name. When she was born her mother and father were living with me. Helping take care of her gave me a new lease on life. I have two auto-immune diseases. Before she was born I had let depression over what I COULDN'T do take over instead of focusing on what I CAN still do. It seemed only fitting to use her name since she was the inspiration for me to get up off the couch and start living again.


  I've taken writing classes at local community colleges, the Institute of Children's Literature, UCLA's Writing Program, and Stanford's Online Creative Writing Program. I'm always looking for an opportunity to learn something new. 


  My first published work, Save The Fair Maiden was the result of a local college writing contest. That gave me the confidence to send off my stories instead of burying them deep in a drawer somewhere and I've been published in several Chicken Soup for the Soul and a few other anthologies since. I'm currently working on a Young Adult Fantasy Series.