A picture is a poem without words – Horace

My Art

I dabble in a variety of art; painting, color pencil drawings, computer art, fairy houses made out of clay and recycled materials, designs for gift items at Cafepress, and even designing clothing for a virtual world. Basically, if it’s creative I enjoy it

A few examples of my Fantasy Computer Art. These were created using Bryce, Poser, Daz Studio, Photoshop, and Paintshop Pro (as well as models, elements, and tubes I purchased for the programs).

Some of the colored pencil illustrations I did for the books Save The Fair Maiden and Vash’s Revenge.

Some girls I created in the "Dollz" style for contests in the early 2000's (they give you a "doll" and you draw the clothes, hair, and accessories). I mostly used Paint Shop Pro to do these.  

Mushroom Fairy
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India Fairy
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Cute Witch
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Elven Archer
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Some examples of my art for sale on a variety of gift items at my Cafepress shop, MeadowAngel Designs.


Some examples of the clothing I’ve designed for a virtual world, There.com